I hope you can taste the poem I wrote on your mouth.

Theodore Fuller (via perfect)

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For Jason from South Carolina: An Ode

A young man killed himself Tuesday.
A young man took his life
And I’m here now in my chemistry class,
Feet on the ground,
Air in my lungs.
Blood still pump-pumping through my veins.

Mr. Zakes tells me to “pay attention.”
To the Hydronium, hydroxide.
Teacher, sir,
did you know, a student commited suicide?
Pay attention.

Yet, I’m guilty too.
Because I’m watching as Harter and Lasher,
Love birds in their prime,
Mouth sweet words across the classroom.
And I’m wondering if I passed that French test.
While young Jason,
Is being laid to rest.

I was resting last night,
When I heard a seedling took it’s life,
I wondered how he did it
by gun?
by rope?
by knife?

He did it,
he’s gone,
and no one even knows.
How quickly
How silently
A sad life goes.

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